Multiplication Math

Match the missing number to the correct equation.  Timed or Relaxed mode.  Good to build fluency with multiplication and missing numbers.  Hits 3rd grade TNCORE standards.

Word Problems

Match the word problem to the correct operation.

Make IT!!!

Use the four operations and the given cards to make the correct number.

Make IT!!!! Level 2

Use all 4 operations to make a given number.

Dude's Dilemma

Solve a mixture of equations using all 4 operations. 

Try Extreme all 4 operations for a challenge!


Easier Math Games to build number concepts.

Naming Fractions

Simple game on learning how to write fractions.  Activity ask three simple questions.  Students answer the questions.

Adding and Subtracting Word Problems

Adding and Subtracting Word Problems.  Some of the problems are 2 steps.


An all around great fraction game.  Identify fractions, make equivalent fractions, and add fractions.

Comparing Fraction Test Prep

Test Prep.  Compare two fractions without pictures.  Use the greater than, less than, or equal to symbols.  (On the 3rd grade TCAP assessment, students will be given pictures when given fractions to compare).

Polygon Match

Match the name of the polygon to the picture of the polygon.

Moby Max


Students use your AR Username and Password to login.


Study Jams

Math & Science

Cool Math Games

FUN Math Games

Word Problem Equation Match

Balancing Addition Equations

Find the missing variable to balance an addition equation.

Equivalent Fraction Match

Match Equivalent Fractions (pictures, simplified fractions, and fractions)  Great Activity!!!!

Number Sentences

A fun Math game.  Use the number sentences to solve the puzzle.


3rd Grade Games

Mrs.Jennifer Griffith's Page

Here is the link to Mrs.Jennifer Griffith's Page with even more games, videos, and activities!!!!

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