Northside Elementary School Expectation Matrix            

Let Me See You SOAR!





















-Go to assigned area

-Stay seated

-Stay with your group

-Use the stairs to go up and down the bleachers



-Hands, feet, & objects to yourself

-Report any problems to an adult

-Walk to your bus

-Stay seated

-Hands, feet, & objects to yourself

-Remain seated

-Notify adults of spills

-Use designated routes


-Maintain personal space

-Hands, feet, & objects to yourself


-Hands, feet, & objects to yourself

-Respect personal space

-Use equipment appropriately

-Stay in designated area

-Report problems to an adult

On Time

-Get here with enough time to be in class by 7:45

-Be packed and ready to go by 2:35

-Follow directions

-Be quick

-Take the quickest route to your destination


-Go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast

-Eat first, socialize second

-Be in class and ready to work by 7:45

-Use time wisely

-Go directly to your destination

-Line up immediately when the teacher signals


-Be prompt

-Come and go with necessary supplies  and belongings

-Pay attention to the speaker

-Keep it clean

-Take care of your own business


-Wash hands

-Keep it clean

-Keep up with your personal property

-Use self control

- Know your lunch number

-Keep personal space clean

-Throw away your trash


-Be prepared

-Remain on task

-Put forth your best effort

-Follow directions

-Respect school property


-Maintain self control


-Follow Directions

-Hands, feet, & objects to yourself

-Be a good audience

-Respect personal space

-Use appropriate voice level

-Wait your turn

-Listen to & follow driver's instructions the first time given

-Use kind words


-Use good manners

-Use inside voice

-Raise your hand for help

-Follow directions the first time given

-Listen with your eyes & ears


-Use kind words & actions

-Use appropriate voice level

-Be courteous

-Take turns

-Use kind words & actions




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