Amber Hipsher Supply List
Pair of headphones (they will be labeled for that individual student's use)
2 containers of Clorox wipes (can be off brand)
1 pack of Expo Markers
1 3-ring green binder (for adaptive notebook)
1 red folder with pockets AND prongs (for goal tracking and individual work)
1 folder of choice (for a take home folder)
1 composition book (for specials)
1 box of crayons (can get jumbo crayons if better for your student)
Glue stick(s)
Pack of pencils (can get tripod grip pencils if better for your student)

Pencil pouch or container for supplies
Germ-X/Hand sanitizer
Treasure box/small reward items
Washable markers

Wish list:
Extra Clorox wipes (we go through a lot!)


Baby wipes (flushable is the best, but we'll take what we can get)

Scotch laminating pouches

Expo Markers

White and/or colored copy paper

Cardstock paper