PBS Parent Letter

August 2014


Dear Families,

The faculty and staff of Northside Elementary School are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new school-wide Positive Behavior Support program this year!


What is Positive Behavior Support (PBS)?

Positive behavior support is a behavior management system designed to teach and support appropriate behavior in all students. Using this approach, good behavior is rewarded and misbehavior is addressed through processes designed to help students learn from their poor choices. This does not mean that misbehavior is never punished; simply that our ultimate goal with any consequence is to promote positive, lasting change in student behavior.

What is PBS at Northside Elementary?

At Northside Elementary, Eagles SOAR!

We are Safe, On time, Accountable, & Respectful.

The PBS program at NES is designed to foster a climate of cooperation, accountability, respect, and safety.  We have adopted a unified set of school expectations (rules) for all students in all settings. Students will be taught our school wide expectations through modeling, positive reinforcement, and opportunities to practice appropriate behavior. When students are "caught" following the rules, they may earn an 'Eagle Buck.' The Eagle Bucks can then be used to purchase rewards throughout the school year.

How can parents help?

A copy of the NES Expectations Matrix will be sent home with each student. Talk about the rules with your children and post the Matrix in a visible spot at your home.
Ask your children if they received an Eagle Buck for the day and how they earned it.
Regularly talk about ways they can SOAR: Safe, On time, Accountable, Respectful.

We look forward to a rewarding year together! If you have any questions or comments about our PBS program, feel free to contact us.




Northside Elementary Faculty & Staff